Ready, get set…

Getting ready for the North Sea Cycling Route was never the problem. My bags have been packed since winter and my “fernweh” has never been stronger. However, before I could go, I needed to finish this “little” bump on the road: my PhD thesis. And with that finished on Wednesday, saying goodbye to my friends and collegues in Belgium, I am now FINALLY ready to go on this journey. Well, ready… I have focussed so much on finishing my thesis, that I may not be physically as much in shape as I want. However, the first part wil be flat. Very flat. So I guess I’ll get in shape on the road.

What can you expect from this blog?

Every week I need to rest my legs for a day. This seems the perfect day to update you all on how this journey is going. Every week I will write about the journey itself, but also discuss a topic related to ecology, climate change or any other environmental issue. Some of the topics I will discuss are sea level rise, the climate movement, transport, and waste. There is so much to write about. So who knows, I might add some blogs during the week as well. If you have any suggestions for topics, or nice facts about the area I’ll be cycling in, let me know! Any input is welcome!

Although I have my camera with me, I won’t be able to post those photo’s until I am home again. You can definitely expect a lot of photo’s once I’ve finished cycling. I will post photo’s made with my phone to illustrate the weekly topic.

What do I expect from this journey?

First off, I expect not to be able to finish the entire route. I initially planned to start earlier, giving me 4 months to finish the route. At the moment I have limited myself to 3 months. I’ll skip the Netherlands and Belgium and see how far I get in England, before taking a boat back the the mainland.

Although I am looking forward to going on this journey, it will get tough at times. Physically – hello mountains in Norway – as well as mentally. Challenging myself in this way was part of the reason of going on this journey.

What I hope, is that I’ll be able to keep you all updated on the adventures I’ll be having, the ultimate freedom cycling gives and the wonderful world around the North Sea. I’ll be writing about my own stories, but I also expect to meet some people along the way with their own amazing stories.


So, all left to do now, is go on the road. I’ll keep you posted!

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